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Look what some of my mums say about my work

Sarah Shakib.


Participant in Olga’s project and WoMB postnatal mum.


“You are the best person for me and many other ladies journeys.

Olga has been incredible and her knowledge and understanding of training pregnant and postnatal women is evidentially outstanding.”

Jess Bexon.


Participant in Olga’s project. 


“I took part in the prenatal fitness classes from 18 weeks until my baby was born on his due date and I can’t praise Olga and her classes enough. Olga made the effort to get to know everyone personally so that she could tailor each exercise to suit each individual, depending on their stage of pregnancy or any aches and pains.

It was nice to have the routine of the classes and it gave me motivation to keep exercising, especially in the final trimester, which I am sure is helping my postnatal recovery. Olga always had time to answer questions and give us extra information and tips around pregnancy and labour. Would recommend, thanks Olga.”

Angeliki Nikolopoulou.


Prenatal and postnatal WoMB mum.


“Since I started working out, my energy levels returned back to the normal, I felt more confident in doing more activities around the house, doing the shopping and carry the light bags!! I have been working out since my 16th week and I am now in my 39th week, feeling almost no pains, walking and being active every day, almost forgetting my situation.”

Emma Carman. 


Participant in Olga’s Project.


“The classes not only helped physically, but the advice, support and the positive mentality from Olga, truly made a huge difference in my journey to becoming a mother.”


Ana Martín. 


WoMB pregnancy and postnatal mum. 


“I recommend the postnatal programme because I am happy since I started with WoMB, less stressed, more fit and I always enjoy the classes.”

Jessica Purton.


Participant in Olga’s project.


“My first birth experience was quite traumatic.

This pregnancy I was determined for a natural birth and being part of Olga’s classes kept my feeling strong and focused throughout.

I had a natural birth this time no pain relief and only in labour for 2 and a half hours. I feel I was much more healthier, fitted, focused and determined during this pregnancy and this is down to Olga’s classes”

Charlotte Webborn.


Participant in Olga’s project.


“Olga was always so supportive. She was always at the end of the phone if I needed anything, especially during labour! Keeping fit during my pregnancy has really helped and kept me and the baby healthy..”

Virginia Martínez.


WoMB pregnancy mum.


“I was feeling good while pregnant, but lost regarding the type of training I could do. With WoMB I have been confident that I was working with professionals. The best is the personalised attention and having been able to improve my pelvic floor training. Love you guys!”

Noelia Bonfanti.


WoMB pregnancy and postnatal mum.


“I have been feeling amazingly active healthy and fit during whole pregnancy. I recommend WoMB because it is the best way to stay healthy and active.”

Katarina Simalova.


WoMB pregnancy and postnatal mum.


“I felt amazing through the pregnancy thanks to an intensive exercise routine and felt also great right after giving birth and during the recovery process. Most of the pregnancy weight was lost within 3 weeks after birth, I believe thanks to the exercising routine prior to the birth. I would go again for the personalised exercise routine as it combined an excellent skills and know how of Olga put into exercises and her profess but personal approach.”

Inés Escadón.


WoMB pregnancy and postnatal mum.


“I feel active and stronger. I see myself running again soon thanks to the programme. The personalisation Olga does to the classes is what I like the most from the programme. She always tries to adapt to everyone’s circumstances.”

Ruth Lucas.


Participant in Olga’s project and WoMB postnatal mum.


“The focus on strengthening my core and abdominal area were my favourite things within the programme, also the care taken to make sure that I was working out within my limits.”

Nicole Harris.


Participant in Olga’s project.


“Olga, just wanted to wish you happy mothers day from all the mums and babies you’ve helped to be strong and healthy. Please, stay safe, and know that there are loads of mamas in Swansea thanking you today.”

Carmen Martín.


WoMB pregnancy mum.


I have felt great during my pregnancy and also to face birth. I haven’t had any back pain, neither any other type of pain.

Ceri Avington.


Participant in Olga’s project and WoMB postnatal mum.


Being able to hold a plank has been a great achievement – we built up to it slowly and it feels good to have progressed. Helps me to feel more confident. Also jumping/ jogging- my pelvic floor is so much stronger now so I can do this and feel confident. Olga is fantastic, everyone on the programme respects and loves her. She is making a big difference to people and has built a community.

Do you know how they achieved all this?

They got an opportunity, and they took advantage of it. I brought them all the knowledge I have in maternity exercise, top qualifications and years of experience, for them to feel at their best shape, and happy and confident with their body.

Now is your turn, is time that you’ll be the next sharing another motivating testimonial.

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