The Female Triangle of Power is born from the inspiration of Spanish entrepreneurs who have joined their strengths to support their business projects and to contribute to this lockdown and try to make it a bit better. So, we will bring our knowledge in the form of videos so people can entertain and at the same time learn useful information.

We are a group of female entrepreneurs committed to the same mission, support each other in our pathway to success, serve as a platform to promote our own projects and bring our knowledge to people.

I take advantage and thank all the wonderful women who have agreed to be part of this, and who have supported the Female Triangle of Power since the very beginning. You all have made this possible. Thank you all!!

I also want to thank all people who will stop by to enjoy the videos. This is for you, we want you to know that you are not alone in this lockdown, our way to show you we are here is through the following videos!

Everyday a new video will be released at 3pm, hence everyday people can learn from a different specialist. We hope you enjoy all of them! Of course, feel free to share them to anyone that might be interested! We appreciate it laughing

Now you can start enjoying the videos

Name: Olga Roldán-Reoyo

Facebook: WoMB

Instagram: @womenmovebeyond


Name: Emma Jones

Facebook: Baby College Swansea Neath Llanelli

Instagram: @babycollegeswanseaneathllanelli

Name: Robyn Smyth-Terry

Facebook: Yoga with Robyn

Instagram: @yogawithrobyn


Name: Bernie Davies

Facebook: Introbiz Swansea and West Wales

Instagram: @introbizswansea

Name: Sergio Julve

Facebook: Felicidad en pareja

Instagram: @felicidadpareja

Name: Mireia Falco

Facebook: So we are counselling

Instagram: @so_we_are_counselling

Name: Rosie Jones

Facebook: Genius Wellbeing

Instagram: @theonlineosteo

Name: Marta Lopez-Garcia

Facebook: Marta Y Con Salitre

Instagram: @hidden_she_si

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